Cost of Living in the Southern Zone, Costa Rica – Eggs!!

I absolutely love the eggs in Costa Rica!  There is something about the taste.   Back in the States, they use a different process which includes washing the eggs.  This process removes the natural barrier that is hatched with the egg.  The barrier is what keeps the bacteria out, so without it, the washed eggs need to be refrigerated.   Unwashed eggs do not.  Which I must say, is a little unnerving. Therefore, out of habit, I store ours in the fridge.

IMG_3241Eggs are sold by weight, and most of them are much larger than those we get back home.  The egg yolks are larger and bright yellow!  I had, I believe, three girlfriends back home that had chickens, so they know exactly what I mean!   Fresh eggs really are a fantastic tasting egg.

I have found that in our area of the Ballena Coast, the egg costs have been increasing over the year we have been here.   Even at the farmers market, the local farmer is running the same or higher, but at the market, I returned a bunch of the egg cartons, so he gave me the eggs at a much lower price!  Score!

IMG_3240When we first arrived in September of 2017, eggs ran about c1500 per Kilo.  For a 15-pack of eggs you could expect to pay about c1387 or $2.48.

It is now July 2018 and I’m seeing prices anywhere from c1600 per kilo to c1800 per kilo.  Mostly, in the mid c1600’s.   Now, a 15-pack can run you $2.86 on average.  This is still cheaper than I was paying in the states for a dozen eggs, which were smaller and not as tasty.

For more information on eggs in Costa Rica, click the link below.

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