Sierpe Mangrove & Wildlife Tour

Monday, January 22, 2018.

Fantastic morning on the Sierpe River.   I’ve heard great things about the mangrove and wildlife tours out of Sierpe, so with our good friends, we set out for the next Schauer Pack adventure!

We headed out of Ojochal around 7:00 a.m. for our 8:30 tour.  It only takes an hour to get there, but we wanted to give ourselves a little extra time, because you just never know what you’ll encounter in CR.   Our only stop on the way down was to pick up an elderly gentlemen.  His car had broken down on the way to Palma Norte, so we gave him a ride.  Turns out that he also lives in Ojochal.

We arrived at the river just about half past 8 and met our tour guide, Kenneth.  Our tour started right on time and took about three hours.   The weather was absolutely perfect that time of the morning.  Not too hot and no rain.  Score!   Our guide was absolutely adorable, had a great sense of humor, which you need with Chris and Dave, and he had a great eye!   We saw many different birds, a huge boa high in the trees, turtles, baby crocs, beautiful macaws, and three different monkeys.  Here is just a quick clip of some of the cool things we saw.


We finally came across the first group of monkeys, and they were howlers, my favorite!!  Kenneth noticed a baby on one of their backs!  It was so cool!  We sat for a few moments and joked about the life of a monkey, when who comes onto the scene?  The white faced Capuchin monkey.  At first, I’m very excited about this turn of events!  I get to see both types, in the wild, doing what they do…..little did I know, they are carnivores!   They were on the hunt for baby howler.   NOOOOOO!!!! Don’t do it!!!

In this video, the Capuchin try to corner the mom and baby, and oddly, no other howler comes to her aid.  Our friends started to make noises and thankfully scared them off…so we thought.  On the second attempt, notice how close one of the Capuchin gets right before our guide chases them off for good.  He used reflected light from a mirror.  I’ll remember that, since Capuchin frequent the neighborhoods.

Rest assured that we did see this group down the river playing with a group of squirrel monkeys, with the baby!

Enjoy our National Geographic moment, and our silly commentary!

I highly recommend the Wildlife tour, and look forward to going again for the Mangrove tour!  Good times in Costa Rica!!

For more information on the Sierpe River tours.

Kokopelli SierpeTours



4 thoughts on “Sierpe Mangrove & Wildlife Tour

  1. Lori, This ‘story’ is fantastic! Thank you so much for putting it in email. I go on Facebook rarely.

    Love you and miss you both very much! Supper Club is not the same! (Although we do get to eat fish!)




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