Our first three and half months have been full of rain and cloudy skies. Wonderful temperatures, but now the dry season is finally upon us. Today is a lovely 86 degrees, the most amazing blue skies, and with no humidity that I can feel! It’s a perfect day to venture out on a hunt for local waterfalls with the pack and our new mascot, Mr. Harry Ball!

We were held up trying to leave the neighborhood, due to paving of the main road. Preparing for the vacation crowd that will soon swarm our little village. Yay! No more pothole frogger!!! Boo, too many people.

After we were finally permitted to pass, first stop, TORO LOCO!!!! Yes, brisket melt! Harry just had to try one!

After lunch, we drove north to Dominical and veered off the road through the small village of Dominicalito. Not to far past the village, over the bridge, and up the hill awaits a beautiful waterfall named Pozo Azul, or blue well.

It’s an easy hike down a few stairs, until the roots of the trees become the remainder of your short descent. Here, I gracefully fell on my ass! And, for my next trick! Haha! I know how to make an entrance!

It’s free to enter, and there were a few local families having a great day. There were a group of teens flying from the rope swing, and a couple young men climbed the highest tree and jumped off. No fear! Bosco always makes friends! Not sure about these rocks under my feetHarry loves waterfalls!

We swam around and watched the kids with their daredevil jumps and enjoyed the amazing scenery.

We eventually packed up and took off in search of the next local spot. Cascada el Pavón, is just a little south of Ojochal and is another easy hike to the falls. Harry is very excited

We loved it here too! The jungle surrounding us was gorgeous!

There is a huge bolder that sits precariously between the crevice, while the water flows on each side. Harry taking his first swim

Meeting tiny local puppy

These are just two of the many local waterfalls, so stay tuned for the next Schauer Pack catarata adventures!!!

Thanks for joining us!

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Good times in Costa Rica! 🇨🇷

3 thoughts on “Cataratas!

  1. This is the first time I noticed Hairy has eyes AND a mouth, that he doesn’t use most likely for fear of being told to shut up. I know how you Schauer’s operate. All fun and games……

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