“Do they have roads?!”

Umm, yeah, they have roads!

 Funny how often I was asked about the roads and driving in Costa Rica.  So I decided to do a little video of heading through the central valley to the west coast on the main highway.  First of all, I will share the irony of moving away from traffic.  The left is us coming into Los Angeles, Ca. and the right is us leaving the San Jose, Costa Rica area.  See much of a difference?

The roads actually look better in the Costa Rica picture.

Here is a video I made for my buddy and co-worker, Rob.  He was very concerned about the roads.

This is just a little of the Costanera highway between Uvita and Domincal.  I love driving along this lush coast!  Although, these roads are nice, most everything off this road in dirt/gravel.

 The largest developer, Ventana del Pacifico, has several gated and non gated communities in the village of Ojochal.   We currently rent in Phase 6, which is a lovely gated community of about 20 homes built, and with many more sites to build.

This next video is a little long, but it is of the main dirt roads in the Village of Ojochal.   These roads take you to many beautiful homes in the mountians, along with the many Phases of  Ventana.     It gives you an idea of the road conditions you can expect when you hop off the Costanera.  This was in November of 2017, so it is so green from all the rain.

This next video is our return trip from Puerto Jimenez.  (Post on Puerto JimenezThis road seemed like it had been freshly paved in some areas, as the lines are not yet put back on.


I hope this addresses some of the road condition questions that so many of my friends had back home before we left.

Although the main roads are of very good standard in most areas, the driving is not.  Be very careful, be alert, and keep your speed down.  You never know what will come at you around any given corner.

Thanks for watching!  If there is a certain area in the Southern Zone you would like to see, send me a message and I will take some video for you!

Thanks for visiting the Schauer Pack Adventures!  For more frequent posts on every day living in Costa Rica please check out our Facebook page below!

Good time in Costa Rica!




2 thoughts on ““Do they have roads?!”

  1. Hi Lori, Do you get these emails if I reply back or do I have to use a personal email address? I love the updates you send out.  Baseball season has started again so Im busy as expected.  I really would lime to make a trip down there soon.  And see all this in person.

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