Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

November 06, 2017

We decided to load up the pack and head out on a family adventure.  Today’s destination, Puerto Jimenez!! This rustic town is located on the Osa Peninsula, in the Southern Pacific of Costa Rica.  IMG_2075 We started out of Ojochal around 8 in the morning for our 2.5 hour drive.  Heading down the Costanera, we stopped to take a picture of one of the many waterfalls lining the highway during the green season.  They are spectacular!!  The minute I’m set up to take a shot, a car stops right in front.  IMG_0694 Dude, really?  As mi Amiga Rebecca would say, “Dude, you’re fucking up my Pura Vida!”   IMG_0695 I did get this lovely shot, though.  Standing between his car and the waterfall, of course.  ;o)

To me, the Costanera is always a beautiful drive. It doesn’t matter which way I’m headed.  I never get tired of traveling around this lush countryside.  As we pop off the Costanera at Chacarita onto the 245 we pass beautiful pastures, lovely valleys, and when we start to wind through the mountains, we’re reminded of the many beautiful drives we took in the mountains back in California.


About 1.5 hours into our drive, along the 245, we came across El Mirador Osa bungalows.  Had to stop and check it out as a potential place to stay a night or two.  Funky little place with breathtaking jungle views!

 El Mirador de Osa



We pulled into Puerto Jimenez around lunch and decided to find a good spot on the water.   One of the travel sites suggested Agua Dulce, with good reviews.  We popped it into Google Maps, and away we went.  I use Google Maps offline version, so I don’t need to worry about having cell coverage.   Most people here use Waze.  Waze is good for alerting you of upcoming traffic issues too….like a cow or horse on the road.

Agua Dulce is a cluster of bungalows located across the street from a beautiful beach.  The water was spectacular this day!   There is a lovely view from the upstairs restaurant, were we had lunch and cocktails.   I had the fish tacos and Chris had the brick oven pizza.  Surprise!  Haha   We would give the food a 3 out of 5, but the location is a 5!   Friends of ours have stayed here and said it was a blast!  The beach sure is nice!

 Agua Dulce Hotel


After lunch, we decided to go check out a place we found on line that is pet friendly.  As we come around the corner,


we drive around a little bay of the beautiful Gulfo Dulce or Sweet Gulf.  Located just on the other side is Cabinas Jimenez.  This place is cool!

Cabinas Jimenez

They have their own beach on the bay, tours, canoes, bikes to get around town, and cool bungalows.   Looking forward to staying here on our next trip to Puerto Jimenez.

 Cabinas Jimenez

There are some cool little beaches at the end of the dirt roads, so make sure to head down one or two and enjoy the surprise at the end!


Thanks for joining us on this Schauer Pack Adventure!

Until the next time!

Good times in Costa Rica!

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3 thoughts on “Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

  1. Lori, I just love these ‘adventures’. Just to bring you up to date, We’re having a trifecta b’day party on Friday for MJ, Leela & Sharon at the Purple Orchid spa where each can pick what treatment they want. MJ is sick and I’m not sure she’ll make it, but we’re hoping. Life is good around here. I understand you are coming up to get ‘mom’ and take her back to CR in April. I hope to see you then, and of course later in August for your 50th!! God that’s hard to believe! Makes me feel ancient! But I’m not!! Tell Chris & I love him & miss the two of you terribly. I can’t think of anything else to report. If you can think of anything that you are questioning, let me know and I’ll answer!! Love you, Charli


    1. Hello beautiful!
      Thank you for tuning in!!

      Love that you girls are doing your Trifecta! Sorry miss MJ is ill.

      Yes! I fly into SF at midnight April 17th, the day before Lee’s birthday. I will be at Sharon’s bunko on the 19th! Looking forward to seeing everyone! Unfortunately, Kathi V will be leaving for a family week in Pioneer, so I only have the 18th to go see her and Phil. I was really hoping to have more time with them.

      Lee will return with me the following Tuesday, April 24th. I’m sure we will get together a few times while I’m back! I so miss my Charli girl!

      I love you and will see you soon!!!


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