Shopping in Quepos & Lunching at the Marina!

Headed north, just a little over an hour on the beautiful coastal highway, you will find a very busy town called Quepos.  IMG_0906Here, they have a lot more services and shopping than we do in our little town of Ojochal, or the neighboring town of Uvita.   Quepos is also the town you go through to get to Manuel Antonio, which is a popular tourist destination.   Among many places to stay and eat, you will find the must see Manuel Antonio park and stunning beaches!

Our girls excursion took us first to a place called Mini Price, which had a grocery store downstairs and household items and furniture upstairs.   Mini Costco!  You can be there for a while just rummaging through all the stuff.  If you see something you like, then buy it.  It most likely won’t be there the next time.  This goes for some food items too.    They have a place called Price Mart in San Jose, which I understand is Costco, and has all the same quality items.  It’s over three hours from us, so I’m sure it will be some time before I ever see it.   But, I’ll be sure to share that excitement!


Cheese is expensive in Costa Rica.  Those prices are roughly $13 for 32 oz of cheddar and $16 for the swiss!  Crazy!

Couldn’t resist getting a picture of the garlic spread for our good buddies, the Vermont’s!  In memory of our St. John trip.  It’s the BIG size!

After Mini Price, we headed over to Maxi Pali, which is the warehouse style of food and household needs.  Prices seem to vary, and I’m still trying to gather my information to see if the bigger stores are better than our local BM.  Yes, unfortunate name for a supermarket.

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We were headed over the hill to Manuel Antonio, because we wanted lunch.   Thought we would fine a nice restaurant on the beach at the end.   I was searching on the web and up popped a place called Sunrice Sushi, but it was at the Quepos Marina, so we turned and headed back down to the marina.  We were so glad we did, because the food was amazing.  We started with their rice cakes, which were fried and came with tuna or avocado, we chose tuna.  They come four or ten, we shared four, but really should have went for ten.  They were small and delicious!  I had the tuna and mango bowl, which was over rice.  I was in heaven!!  I can’t wait to go again!

We were thankful for the day of sunshine!  It’s been very gloomy and rainy.  The marina was so nice, that we grabbed some gelato after our meal and took a walk to check out the yachts.

Thank you for joining me on this mini adventure!

Good times in Costa Rica!


3 thoughts on “Shopping in Quepos & Lunching at the Marina!

  1. Keep posting, and find all the shopping places. You may just learn how to appreciate shopping, or NOT. 🤞💋

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  2. Sounds like a fun day my dear friend. Are you starting to learn the language?


    Who do you know that is looking to buy or sell a home?

    Call me with their name and phone number and I will give them the high quality service they deserve.

    I am never too busy for your referrals!!!


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