Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary and Villas Alturas,  Dominical, Costa Rica

Today we went to visit the animal sanctuary in Dominical, which is about 25 minutes north of us.  The sanctuary is located 700 meters off the Costaneras highway, or about ½ mile up a dirt road.  IMG_0629IMG_E0754 Check in for the tour is located in the lobby of Villas Alturas.

From the resort, we took a short walk up a slight hill to get to the sanctuary, which is surrounded by lush jungle.  The tour took a little over an hour and is an easy level tour.

There is a bench at each habitat for those who may need it.  There were six in our group, and at the last minute, a family of three joined us!  They are closed on Mondays, so check their site for tour details.

We visited quite a few animals, some of which will be released, but some have found their forever home here at this facility.

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 The main goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured, abandoned, and illegally kept animals, back into to the wild.  Education is also key, as so many people think they can keep wild animals as domestic pets….illegal, not a smart idea, and not good for the animals.  Just because they are cute, doesn’t mean you should keep them as a pet.  I also learned that just because you found a baby animal alone in the forest doesn’t mean it was abandoned.  Although, mothers in the wild will abandon their young, if they have a disability, not all young that are found alone have been abandoned.  They suggest you wait awhile if you find a baby alone in the jungle, as its mother may just be foraging for food!

 It definitely goes on the list of places to volunteer!

For more information on the Sanctuary, please visit their website:

After the tour, don’t miss the amazing panoramic views from this luxury resort.  The views are outstanding, and the villas look very nice!   Our tour ended too early for lunch, but it goes on the list of restaurants to try, and the Villas go on the list of places to stay!


For more information on the Villas, please visit their website:


Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

Good times in Costa Rica!

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