Off to the Vet we go!

Today, we had our first experience with the vet.  Our oh-so itchy big dog hasn’t had as much relief as I had hoped he would, by moving to a humid climate.   We noticed that in addition to his obsessively itchy proboscis and feet, he started scratching at his ear.  It also had a bad odor…so off to the Vet we go!

I have plenty of room, but I think I like to sit like this!


We had been meaning to go for a visit, just to get familiar and get them in the system, in case something horrible happens, like they kiss the wrong frog.   Sorry ladies! No turning into a prince, here!  They have a few that can kill them when licked, and you don’t have much time to get them to the vet for treatment.  I have seen the bright green and black poison arrow frog in our yard, and we can hear the bufo toads.  FUN?  NOT!   I won’t even think about the deadly snakes.

We headed down the hill to the Centro Veterinario Costa Ballena, located in Uvita. It’s about 30 minutes from us, as it takes 15 minutes to get to the Costanera highway, and then about another 15 minutes north.

The office of Dr. Fernando Riera Silesky is located below the pet store, and we were seen by Dr. Ana Maria.  Very nice and perfect English.  She entered all their info, and then did a swab of Bosco’s ear.  While she was waiting for the results, she did an exam on him, and I had her take a look at Skyy’s tiny lump on her eye.  It popped up back at home in August, so I thought I would have it rechecked here.  As long as it doesn’t grow, she is good to go!


Results of the swab came in while we waited, and it turns out Bosco has a yeast infection in his right ear.  She cleaned it and gave him a cortisone shot so he wouldn’t be so itchy while it healed.  She gave us drops to put in his ear twice a day.  She also recommended omega fish oil to put on his food, to see if we can stop all his other itchy scratchy parts.  Then she cut Skyy’s nails, who is a total drama queen!

Total bill for the office visit, test, ear cleaning, cortisone shot, ear medicine, omega oil, and Skyy’s nail cutting, was a whopping c39,520 colones.  By the way, that’s just about $70, and about $23 of that was for the omega oil.

After our visit, we went upstairs to get more dog food.  We buy the Kirkland brand, yes they have Costco brand here, and the cost for a 20lb bag is $26.  More expensive than at home, but for both dogs one bag last about 4 weeks.

Veterinary costs are definitely lower in Costa Rica, which makes us happy, and we have a less itchy dog which makes Bosco happy!

Good times, in Costa Rica!


3 thoughts on “Off to the Vet we go!

  1. Great post, My Friend. I love hearing about your experiences. Cathy found the vet’s were much cheaper in Cabo also. I’m not surprised. I am surprised about the Costco food! Do they have Costco, or do they have to have it transported down there?

    Anyway, going over to Caswell’s tonight for dinner and conversation.

    Love you both,


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