What a Storm!

It’s Friday, October 6, 2017 and the morning sky is blue and beautiful!  I know the clouds and some rain will come later, as they do almost every day during this time, but I will enjoy the beauty while we have it.

It is day 37 of our new life in CR, and we survived one hell of a storm!   We are on day two of no electricity after Wednesday’s major storm rocked most of Costa Rica.  Last night, at our friends down the street, we discussed how it sucks, but at least we have water!  I guess we must have jinxed ourselves, because today when we woke up, we not only were still without power, but we also had no water.  I guess those generators will only last so long to pump that water.  I made due and cooked again on the outside stove.  The appliances are electric, but the owner of this home is smart and they have a gas oven/stove unit outside, so we hooked it up to the propane tank.  I know most like gas, but I do prefer electric.  Cleanup is going to be a little tougher.  I’m using the pool water for cleaning and toilet flushing, and we had prepared ourselves prior with a few jugs of drinking water.   These two days were not too bad, and we learned some great lessons for when we finally decide to purchase a home.

Of course, since we do not have power, and we are on day two, our fridge is barely cold, and the freezer contents are thawing quickly.   On Thursday, we swiftly took the contents of the fridge and put them in the freezer.  Then we placed ice right on the meat.  The trick is to not open the freezer too much when you need to cook.   Plan what you want, visualize where it is, open it quickly, grab your food, and close it quickly.    By Friday, I transferred the left over bags of ice and the two large soda bottles filled with frozen water into the cooler and moved the meet.  The meet is just starting to defrost, but thought this would be better than the mess of cleaning out the freezer after all the ice had melted!   Darn, if I hadn’t just done all the shopping for the week on Tuesday!

ICE, which is the power company, knows we are without power in this neighborhood, and they are down there now working on it, but there are several lines taken down by falling trees.   At least the weather is on their side!

There was one house in this neighborhood that is at the lowest elevation and experiences some flooding in the house, along with the one down the street from us which had a tree fall on the roof, and unfortunately broke through the roof.  Thankfully, no one was inside.

We also lost a few trees in the back, but they were far enough away not to damage the house we are renting.  I feel very fortunate and blessed, as some areas of the country were hit pretty hard and there was much flooding, landslides, and road closures.  I’m pretty sure we are stuck here.  There are several videos on line of the flooded areas, so pray for those residents and business owners affected.

On the positive, the six of us are having a giant BBQ down the street to cook up defrosted meat!!

Good times in Costa Rica!!


One thought on “What a Storm!

  1. Lori, So happy to hear from you. We’ve been on an awesome vacation and just returned on Saturday. What an experience! I love hearing about what you’re up to. Sounds like a horrible storm. We have terrible fires in Sonoma & Napa Counties. The smoke is so bad that I’m having sinus & coughing problems. Much of those counties are flattened. The air is really bad, and I’m responding to it. Take care and keep the blog coming. I haven’t looked at most of my email, so this was a real treat! Love you, Charli


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