What’s a typical Day?  

I was chatting with my girlfriend, Sheree, back home, and she asked what a typical day is like here.  Well we are only on week two, and since I don’t have to get up for work, it’s whatever I like.   We get up around 6:30, which is 5:30 back home.  It’s light out and beautiful weather.  If it’s not raining, then we take a morning walk.  It’s nice to do before the sun comes up over the hills.

A boy and his dogs
View from the house.

Lots of new smells!

My life will definitely be more domestic.   I sweep every day for sure, and I will mop at least every other day, because of the little doggie prints on the floor.  Plus, you track more in when it’s damp.  I have chosen to close the back doors when the outside tile is wet.  Helps cut down the dampness inside.  😄 We haven’t needed air conditioning, but the fans run constantly, and the dehumidifier stays on downstairs.

I do miss my swiffer, but there is less waste with a traditional broom (no pads) and it’s a nice workout for flabby arms!!   Mopping consistes of a rag with a hole in the middle over a broom.   I’ll get used to it!

Yesterday, I cleaned the rubber seals in the fridge and freezer to remove mold, and wiping things down is daily.

Today, I noticed something growing on the blinds, so I dusted them clean.  Molds grow fast, so you have to stay on top of it!

What the….

All clean! Much better!!

I’m also doing more laundry and trying to keep up with how to keep cloths from getting gross.  Charcoal is in every drawer and cabinet and it really helps to remove the moisture.   I’ll take any suggestions on how to keep cloths fresh!

Cooking takes longer and has been a fun experience, but I’ll save that for another post!

Good times in Costa Rica!


One thought on “What’s a typical Day?  

  1. Looks amazing, honey. I have the cousins today and overnight. I can’t leave the doors open for them because of the A/C which I have on.
    Domestically you’ll do fine, after all you tore through my house and put everything in order. Love it.

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