You Say It’s Your Birthday!!

Two weeks from today we fly to our new home of Costa Rica.  It’s my 49th birthday today!   I sit listening to music on my laptop in my mom’s backyard, at the house I grew up, enjoying the sun to take away the chill of the morning.  I have decided that today I will sit by the pool and reflect on what a blessed life I have had.  The footprints of so many people that have come and gone, and those who will stay forever!  Today, I will not clean one more thing at my Mom’s or at our house.  I need a day off!  My mom graciously let us keep our bed and a few items here, so we have a place to stay when we visit, and we won’t have to pack much to come back!  I’m very blessed.

I really can’t wait for this adventure and lifestyle change!  Learning a new culture and language, meeting new people, and getting used to our new surroundings.  I mean we are going to have monkeys in our backyard, no chain stores, and tropical warm weather!  What more could we want?  I guess we will find out, right?!   I’m sure a lot of bug spray….

I do feel in limbo though, because I want to hold onto the life and people I have here, but I’m so ready to do something different.   It’s a strange feeling that is very hard to explain.  Most likely, because I have so many thoughts running through my head, that I can’t keep them all together.  I’m sure it will hit me the first day after we are all settled in.

I remind my peeps that we have social media and so many outlets to communicate, and we have met some really cool people for them to meet when they come visit.    Plus, when they come in groups, they will have many cool vacation rentals to choose from at

I do have to give a shout out to Ann Marie from Jaguar Property Management.  Ann Marie and Kevin moved to Ojochal last summer and partnered with another very cool couple who had the existing business.  Ann Marie found us our first three month rental in her neighborhood to make the transition easier for us!  I mean really, she has been a god send!  How did we get so lucky to have met these people?  Her and I share the same birthday month, and are only two years apart in age.   Fell in love instantly, so I know that the laws of attraction were definitely in play, as it was the one thing I asked for before we took our last visit in December.  If this is to be a go, then I need beautiful girlfriends with awesome hubbies.  Well, we met some pretty cool people, and it did help to seal the deal!

Cheers for now!  Happy Birthday to my fellow adventurous Leos out there!



2 thoughts on “You Say It’s Your Birthday!!

  1. Hi You Two, How was the journey & how are you settling in? Are the pooches happy now that the traveling part is over? I used your pretty bottles last night for a dinner with Charli & Tom. Thought about you, as I will every time I use them. Can’t wait to hear how everything is going. XOXOXO Katy

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