Hike to Salomon Beach, St. John, USVI

Our vacation has been a perfect mixture of adventure and relaxation, with a little drinking thrown in!  This morning while we took our hike down and back up the hill to the house, we decided to check out Salomon Beach.  It’s a short one mile hike on a pretty easy trail.  Located behind the National Parks Visitors Center, in Cruz Bay, you will find an old set of brown wooden stairs, and here is were you will start your adventure on the Lind Point trail.   My suggestion would be to make this hike in the cooler morning and not at noon.  Holy crap!  It felt like ten miles in the heat, and I was wishing for those clouds to roll through!   The view and the beach worth it!  

We descended onto Solomon Beach and were blown away by another amazing landscape!  It was about 1:00, and there were a handful of people scattered along the small shores.  Lined with palm trees, we found a shady spot at the end.  We had walked to the store for sandwiches earlier, so we sat under the trees checked out this view and enjoyed them, without seagull incident!  

The boy loves to snorkel
I spent the next few hours snoozing and floating, while Chris got some much wanted snorkel time! 
Me and my shadow


We were just getting our things together to take the trail to Caneel Bay Resort to catch a taxi back, when a lovely afternoon rain came through!  What luck!  It made the short hike up the hill so much cooler and more pleasant!   It was done by the time we got to Honeymoon Beech!  Here you can pay a fee to use all the water toys for the day.   Rafts to paddle boards, it’s all here!  

Caneel Bay Resort is a lovely property, if you don’t mind crowds.  


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