Cinnamon Beach, St. John, USVI

Today’s adventure takes us to the beaches of Cinnamon Bay Resort.  I forgot how incredibly beautiful the water is here in the Caribbean!   The white sands are like fine sugar and almost the same color!  The water is so clear and changes colors as it goes out to sea or as the clouds move by, and it is magical!

Chris loves snorkeling!
 I’m not a big sand gal, but these beaches are worth it!  Way to go Mother Nature!  You hit this creation out of the park, lady!  

We brought lunch to the beach, and as we were enjoying our sandwiches, I felt something land on my arm, and before I knew what was happening, this seagull snatched the last half right out of my hand mid bite!  It’s a real good thing I’m such a good sport, and I sure wish we had video.  If the look on my face matched the looks of Chris and the Vermont’s, it would of made for a great America’s Funniest Video!!   
This park also has camping! If you can call this camping!   These tents look pretty cool, too!  

Cinnamon bay resort


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