The Language Gene!

Do You Have The Language Gene?

Learning Spanish is going to be one of the biggest challenges of this adventure!  One of my beautiful bunko buddies, Lynda, believes that there is a language gene, and that is why it’s easier for some to pick up a new language!  I. Do. Not. Have. This. Gene…..


The first thing I did to prep for a new language is download Duolingo on my Ipad!  It is a free app and a fun way to learn a new language.    It takes you through different levels, each building on the last. 

The second step was to download Google Translate.  I can save common phrases for quick reference.  It also has a button to hear the word in Spanish, which really helps to make sure you are pronouncing correctly what you are reading!  To take it one step further, it has a microphone, so if I get in a pinch, I can speak into it in English and have it translate to español!  I really do LOVE Google!

The third step was to take a beginning Spanish class at the community college.  This was fun, but tough, because I had trouble understanding the teacher.  I can read and write ok, but hearing, pronunciation, and memory are my weakness. 





Learning the alphabet was first, then onto the numbers.  To learn the numbers, I try to count in Spanish when doing yoga.  Leg lifts, uno, dos, tres!  Plank for veinte! 

The key is to practice,  because as soon as you slack in your studies, you lose it fast.  I will be taking a Spanish class after our move, and most likely eavesdrop…a lot! 


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