Flight Preparations For Costa Rica

When planning a move to a new country with your four legged pack members, the first thing you need to do is check out the countries pet regulations.  We were thankful to find that our dogs do not need to be quarantined when they arrive, but they do have several requirements.  I have attached the link for the updated Costa Rican immigration laws.   


The kids need to get used to being in a kennel for their trip to their new home.
The Kennels are here!!



In preparation for travel day, Chris went on-line to check out the flight options for the four legged pack members.   We knew that Bosco would definitely fly as cargo, but we hoped that Skyy would be able to fly in the plane with us.   She is only 14 lbs, so we thought she would fit perfectly under the seat!







He ordered Bosco’s crate and the largest carry-on puppy travel bag for Skyy that was aloud.  Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that she was too tall and wasn’t able to stand up and turn around comfortably, as required, therefore she would also need to travel as cargo. 






This should work much nicer!

A great service to look into is World Pet Travel, they handle all the travel plans and paperwork for you, which is helpful, since packing up your life and flying over 3000 miles is stressful enough. 


Check directly with the airlines, since they each have their own requirements and costs. 



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