Boca Chica, Panama

We read in International Living magazine, that Boca Chica was another upcoming expat community.    Being on the ocean, we had high hopes for this area.

As we came down the mountain from the Caribbean side and cut across to the West, the landscape changed dramatically from lush green to golden hills scattered with clusters of green trees.  This side reminded us of our hills in California, which are a beautiful green in the winter, and then quickly turn in the summer.

We stayed at a wonderful hotel called Bocas del Mar.  (Bocus del Mar)

We had booked this place on our original trip, and they were so accommodating when we had to cancel due to illness, that we had to re-book with them.  I’m glad we did, because this is a very cool resort.  We were in the dry season of March 2016, so the place wasn’t packed, which was lucky for us!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe enjoyed both the lower and upper pools, IMG_7015

and spent plenty of time in the hammocks on their private beach.  This beach was the first brown sand beach I’ve seen.  The color of the sand was quite beautiful, but it did make the water appear to be dirty.  Funny, but as beautiful the sand, it definitely is not as inviting as the water on the Caribbean side.

Their food was excellent!  We ate most of our meals at their restaurant, in our room, or on their beach!

One night we ventured out to the town of Boca Chica for pizza!

The town is very small, with a scatter of houses, a few restaurants and services, a marina, and a very small store, which never seemed to be open.

Thankfully, the town of Horconcitos was only 10 miles up the road, and it had two stores!  This was conveniently the town you drove through to get to Boca Chica from the main highway.

We took a tour from the hotel to a couple near-by beaches, Playa Hermosa, which we happened across a previous day and Playa Gavilla.

Playa Hermosa can be driven on when the tide is out, but it’s not a sitting beach for sure.  Just a little soggy! It is surrounded by large houses lining the hillside.

Playa Gavilla is a nice beach!  We lucked out to go during the week, so there was no one on the beach.  We never would have found it, down a dirt road and through a flimsy fence, so I’m glad we took this tour.  Gavilla is a nice family beach, with little wood shacks you can rent on the beach.  They also have a food shack, bathrooms, and calm water for swimming.

All in all, the best thing about this area was the resort we stayed in.  I believe it was at this point, we realized that we hadn’t found our happy place, in Panama.

So, off for our last two nights in Panama City, so the hubby can geek out at the Panama Canal!

Thanks for joining us on this Schauer Pack Adventure!  Please join us on our next!

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