Starfish Beach, Panama

During our stay at Jack’s, we decided on day three to take the boat tour to Bocas town, but first we wanted to hit Starfish beach, which is located on the northwest end of the same island.  We cruised through the cluster of Caribbean islands to Starfish Beach.  Wow!  The sand, the color of the water, and the calmness!  It was perfect!

We walked the entire stretch of the beach, which was lined with huts serving food and drinks, and renting beach chairs.

It was about 11:30, and they were just getting the day rolling, as people would be coming in on buses from the Bocas side.  We found our spot under a big set of palm trees.

After some much needed floating in the ocean time, Chris ran and got us some yummy drinks and lunch.

He ordered me the fish, and the look on this face when he walked it over to me was priceless!  It was a whole fish…with the head still attached!  I of course, loved it!  It was a perfect lunch and a perfect beach.

We stayed for a few hours!  Finally, we decided to head around the south side of the island to Bocas Town, but as our boat captain came pulling up, we noticed the boat was smoking quite a bit.  We were not headed to Bocas!  Chris was very hesitant to get on the boat, but the captain said he had called Jack and that Jack was meeting us along the way.   Chris was right to be apprehensive, because after many stalls and starts, that boat finally stalled for good in the middle of the channel.  Jack finally came boating by, but about a mile or so closer to shore than us, and he passed us right by!  It was a tense 45 minutes for our pack leader, but I didn’t feel panicked.  My only concern was….what if I have to go pee??!!!

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