Boquete, Panama

Welcome to Boquete, Panama

(pronounced bow-keh-tay)

We read about this small town in one of our travel magazines.  Nestled in the lush mountains, this area enjoys perfect spring like weather all year.   Just imagine, from the 60’s to the 80’s!  Every day!!    Boquete sits along the Caldera River, in the Chiriqui province, and has a growing expat community.    With restaurants, hotels, and services, this lively town of art and music has a lot to offer.

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The demographic make-up is a mixture of Americans, European, Panamanians, and indigenous Ngabe-Bugle Indians.    The social status is also across the board.   We love to travel through the local neighborhoods to get a real sense of the diversity.   You will pass shacks, mixed with multi-family farming houses, to large American style homes all on the same five mile road.

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We stayed at a lovely resort, called The Haven, which was perfectly located close enough to town, but far enough for quiet and relaxation.   We found ourselves spending all three nights sipping cocktails and enjoying the perfect evening weather right outside our room.

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We took a day trip north of town in search of water falls!  One of the great adventures in Central America is the waterfalls.   They are plentiful, they are not off limits, and they are usually pretty private.  Except the big national parks, of course!  Those are not as private.

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After lunch one day, we decided to take an adventure, and happened by this little jewel of a property, Finca Lerida!    We sat outside at the quaint Sonia’s Coffee Shop and savored the beautiful afternoon with a cup of coffee and delectable fudge brownie.  They also have coffee tours, if you have never taken one, they are pretty interesting.  Their drying shed was pretty fancy sporting a fancy crystal chandelier!    After our coffee, we walked up the stairs to find a beautiful restaurant and hotel.   We strolled along the grounds and on the coffee trials, and enjoyed the many birds and stunning landscape.   It was a lovely surprise in the middle of the jungle!

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