Waterfall Rappel In Arenal, Costa Rica

One morning, while driving back to the Nayra resort in Arenal, we noticed on the sign, Pure Trek Canyoning.   We had no idea what the heck this was, so we found the entrance to check it out.  Their sign explained it all, and we learned that canyoning is rappelling down waterfalls.  5 jumps down 4 waterfalls! WHAT!   Chris looked at me and said, “what do you think honey, are you ready for your first Costa Rican adventure?!”  My reply, “are you high?!”   Of course, this was our first trip to the country, so I felt we were already on an adventure, but nothing could prepare me for the fun we were about to have.   No guts!  No glory!

We quickly went and booked our tour for later that day.   We met for instructions and to get our gear, and they had a fantastic lunch waiting for us!  The best chicken and rice dish!  We were the only ones who booked that day; I believe it was a Friday, so we didn’t have to wait on anyone!   After lunch, we loaded up in the truck and headed off to the waterfalls.  Up and up the mountain we went.  At one point we passed a shack on the dirt road and out walked a local Tico with his machete, and a few yapping dogs.   This is a very common sight in Costa Rica, and you eventually get used to it, but it is very unnerving when you encounter a man chasing after your truck with a machete in his hand.  Turns out he was just hopping on the back for a ride up the mountain!    The guides were amazing!  We had so much fun!  I’m so glad that I didn’t let fear conquer and went for it!  We ended up doing about six jumps!   I would definitely recommend the tour if you are ever in Arenal!  They are located just north of the town La Fortuna!





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